What is the MOD5?

The MOD5 is a modular five piece table that can be customized with various accessories to fit any space.

Where can I use the MOD5?

The MOD5 is a universal, modular piece of furniture that can be used in any space and the building block for all of our configurations. It can be used as a desk, a bar cart, an island in a small kitchen, and so much more!

What makes the MOD5 so unique?

The patent pending Infiniti Joinery system is what makes the MOD5 so unique. The hook and slot joinery allows the MOD5 to be adjustable in height, allow units to link together, and adapt it to any space.

Are fiVO Design products sustainable?

We were awarded a top-score by the National Wildlife Federation(NWF) and the Sustainable Furnishings Council(SFC) on the 2022 wood furniture score card. This is furniture for life and should never end up in a landfill.

Is the MOD5 available in different finishes?

Of course! The MOD5 is currently available in three different finishes, Natural, Smoke, and Hazelnut.

Do I need tools to assemble the MOD5?

No! The MOD5 requires no tools or hardware to assemble and can be assembled in less than one minute. Our design includes pre-installed locking mechanisms on the bottom of all work surfaces, and simply need to be turned by hand to be engaged. It can be disassembled just as quickly to be stored away. This also makes moving with the MOD5 extremely easy.

Does the MOD5 come with a warranty?

Yes. The MOD5 comes with a five year limited warranty.

How easy is it to ship the MOD5?

The MOD5 is flat-packed and ships easily.

Can I order accessories for my MOD5 at a later date?

Yes. Many accessories are available to expand the MOD5 to fit your needs.